Our History

The company was founded in 1984 in Radom, Poland and, at first, was based in a rented garage. We employed two people and worked on second-hand, traditional lathes and presses. We used to produce mainly spare car parts.

In 1994 we invested in our first numerical control machine tools. We started our expansion on the European market. Since that time RADMOT has been gradually building its reputation and brand recognition on the Polish and foreign markets.

1996 was a breakthrough year for our company – we started a new stage in our technological and staff development. We began working with the leading European companies, e.g. SKF. We also launched production of various components using CNC technology for machine, electrotechnical, optic and, automotive industries.

In 2001 we moved from rented production workshop to our new headquarters in Jedlińsk, Poland. We kept investing in state-of-the-art equipment. In 2005, as the first company in the region we acquired a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). That decision opened up new possibilities for our development.

In 2007 we launched another production department which was equipped with modern 5-axis Hermle machines and then with automated machining centres by Chiron.

In 2010, we started building a new department for bar machining.  At present we have 12 machines which we use for machining of turned and turned-milled parts with diameter of 8 mm to 65 mm.

Investing in machines, equipment and modern CAD/CAM software involves employment of experienced engineers and qualified operators. We have always stressed the importance of continuous development, training and raising our qualifications.

Nowadays Radmot is a reliable and versatile business partner. We are still developing, gaining new qualifications and we set ourselves new, bigger challenges. Together with our clients we are building the new future.