Our mission


1. The customer

Our relation with customers is based on partnership, involvement and reliability. First, we listen and then we fulfil our customers’ expectations and needs. Our services are extremely versatile therefore we are often first and the only choice of our customers.

We offer the highest quality born from passion, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

2. Co-worker

We offer safe and stable work conditions and a possibility for continuous professional development.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company is being constantly developed having the corporate social responsibility in mind at all times.

4. Reliability

RADMOT as a reliable business partner offers:

  • timely and high quality orders
  • excellent customer service and top-notch technological solutions
  • cooperation with the customer – building the future together

Our values:

1. We operate according to the highest business standards:

  • we follow high ethical standards
  • we maintain a high standard of professional conduct
  • we believe in effective and efficient use of the company and the environment’s resources

2. We offer the highest quality services to give our customers the edge over their competitors:

  • we are experts at networking and we wisely use our business contacts so we can offer a perfectly customized service
  • we implement innovative solutions constantly raising the quality of our products and customer service
  • we build long-term business relations based on trust

3. We create unique work environment for unique people:

  • We tend to be non-hierarchical and boost team-work spirit
  • we know how to motivate people and we simply do it
  • we support one another; we benefit from coaching, mentoring, open and constructive dialogue
  • we aim at constant improvement of our work (e.g. improving processes, raising qualifications)

Our social responsibility:

We believe that business can be built solely on mutual agreement and in line with the environment: the company and its employees, and also with the local community.

We offer our employees:

  • stable work conditions
  • friendly workplace
  • ergonomic work stations

For our community:

  • we take part in dual education of students from technical schools
  • every year we accept about a dozen students for apprenticeships
  • we get involved in promoting industry among young people in the region