High mix, low volume

Many years of experience in metalworking, fantastic team of specialists, our own special instrument production department and high output – all this allows for fast and effective implementation of different types of orders.

Within 2 months a package of 70 parts of various materials and of various level of complexity (also turned parts, see: High-Mix Low-Volume Turning) has been implemented for one of our customers.

Fast, precise and economical

A broad spectrum of machines allows for effective and economical metalwork of parts even smaller than 700mm x 500mm x 350mm and up to 5 kg.

The operators’ impressive skills, their experience, pallet systems and the right work organization allow for quick calibration, thanks to which we can offer regular deliveries of even 20-50 pieces.

To meet our customers’ needs we guarantee just-in-time deliveries or Kanban system and we also prepare PPAP documents.