Turning from bar feeder

ON AUTOMATIC LATHE (also with milling)

Our expert field, which we have been developing for over 10 years, is machining of turned and turned-milled parts from bar feeder with max. diameter of 65mm and length up to 200mm.

Our customers are mainly from automotive, home appliance and machine construction industries.

Our parts fulfil very high requirements:

  • narrow tolerance (class 6)
  • low roughness
  • requirements related to cleanliness

Our production is carried out on modern lathes with bar feeder: DMG Gildemeister Sprint 32/42/65 and Tsugami HS207.

We mostly do machining on the following materials:

  • free machining steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium

Our portfolio includes:

  • machine pistons
  • cylinders and machine flanges
  • spare parts for high-pressure pumps (high quality steel machining)
  • home appliances and medical equipment parts.

If needed, the parts undergo surface treatment at our business partners of many years.

The focus is always on regularly ordered packages. Preferred production batch: 500-5,000 pieces (from 2,000 to 10,000-50,000 pieces a year).