Machine industry

We supply turned and milled parts according to customer’s drawings and demands. We do aluminium, steel, high quality steel, stainless steel, hard-to-machine steel and plastic. We offer anodizing, hardening, galvanizing, painting and other surface treatments. We act comprehensively and having economic benefits in mind.

We offer:

  • Experience. From day one we have been working with numerous companies from machine industry. We know the wants and needs of the market. Most of our operators and engineers have over 15 years of experience in the field.
  • Support. Our construction department provides support to our customers in optimizing the construction of parts and components in order to raise their functionality and reduce the cost.
  • Assembly. We guarantee assembly of parts, components and groups of elements.
  • Quality. Our qualified team and advanced equipment allow for very accurate verification of the parts’ quality  to make sure they can be directly and safely assembled.

Our approach:

Accuracy. We put maximum effort into each and every project we do. After the initial analysis we send the parts to a technologist with the biggest experience in the field. Machining is carried out on specially selected CNC machines.

Precision and high efficiency. In many cases we turn to tool and clamp specialists for expert advice on how to approach metal treatment. Hence we are able to maintain high product quality and efficiency of the whole project.

Comprehensive approach. If the project requires surface treatment, one of the specialists we work with is selected to carry out the treatment.

Examples of projects:

  • Implementation of more than 70 parts within 2 months for a customer from automation field. Thanks to our experience and flexible and advanced machine park we have managed to implement a bulk package of products.
  • Parts production for high pressure pumps. We have used our most powerful milling centres and our expertise to work on the hard-to machine parts. We are aware that the key issue here was selecting the right tools which guarantee stability and high efficiency.