Optic and electrotechnical industries

For the above industries we produce parts with narrow tolerance, high aesthetic requirements and complicated geometry of details.

We offer:

  • Experience. We have been successfully supplying electrotechnical companies for 15 years. Our technologists are up to date with the ever changing market trends and perfectly understand customer needs and wants.
  • Surface treatment. The customer is supplied with the finished product. If the part requires additional surface treatment (e.g. brushing, glass bead finishing) and, then, anodizing, we can deliver that, too. Our services are versatile and comprehensive.
  • Ultra-precise machining. We also produce parts which are on the verge of machining. We love a challenge. We are prepared: we have the right production machines, measuring equipment (state-of-the-art CMM machine), and, what is most important, we have the know-how.

Our approach:

We listen to the customer. Our first priority is to understand the finished product’s functionality and how it should work with other components. Only after careful consultations we arrive at the optimal strategy of machining for the part. Hence, we guarantee the highest quality. It is crucial, especially in the case of precision parts with many details.

Housing for an electro-optical device
Oilsensor holder for industrial appliances
Sensor housing