We are open to customers’ various needs. We fill orders for many industries (medical, recreational, etc.) which need turned or milled parts.

We are aware of our assets that is why we are able to offer high quality in so many fields.

Our assets:

  • Experience. Many years of experience combined with versatility.
  • Superb quality. We are precise and accurate. We know the ropes.
  • Construction support.  During implementing our projects we keep our finger on the pulse, we listen to the customers, meet their expectations and make their ideas come to life.
  • Solid base of subsuppliers. Many years in the business have helped us to create a reliable base of trusted business partners.
  • Versatile and advanced machine park. We have a number of modern and functional machines.
  • Assembly. We offer assembly of parts, components and groups of elements.

Our approach:

We love a challenge. We are always on the lookout for projects in which we can prove ourselves. We believe in total engagement in our work and strive to meet all the customer requirements. We are happy to do conceptual work and parts optimization. We never cease to search for subsuppliers who can help us produce parts of superb class and quality.

Examples of our projects:

  • Production and assembly of high-end bicycle pedals. A very complex project which we did step by step, from finding a supplier of aluminium profiles through machining, quality anodizing, engraving and, finally, assembling. Thanks to drastic reduction of Lead Time and economical production we have become an alternative for the Asian producers. And we are extremely proud of that.
  • Product and assembly of tablet casings. The project was developed by a group of constructors, technologists and material specialists. High quality tablet casings made from solid aluminium are used, among others, in modern cash registers.
  • LED lamp casings. Parts made from ASI 316 stainless steel. Impeccable surface finish and precision give this high-end LED lamp an edge.