Pneumatics and hydraulics

We produce parts with high level of complexity and geometry, narrow tolerance and high quality requirements for companies supplying pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

We offer:

  • Expertise in process preparation. Our engineers are experts in the field of parts for pneumatic and hydraulic industry therefore they are able to plan and prepare an ultra-efficient process which guarantees the highest quality.
  • Equipment. High-volume production requires efficient machinery. Our production is carried out on automated machines or on double tables to ensure top quality.
  • Operators’ expertise. Our specialists have solid knowledge on pneumatic and hydraulic parts’ requirements and, therefore, are able to guarantee impeccable service quality.

Our approach:

  • We believe in smart approach: we choose the most efficient strategies minimizing the workload, e.g. deburring of parts with cross openings, which requires extreme accuracy.
  • We utilize the most modern, automated machines that allow us to produce parts in the shortest time possible.
  • We work with experienced outsourced specialists who do mechanical and explosive deburring, surface preparation or anodizing.